Posted by: bgtwindad | March 7, 2010

Concept 4, Version 1 released

Tonight, I finished converting the layout design from Atlas Code 80 track to Atlas Code 55.  The conversion required some adjustments since the turnout numbers (angles) and curve radii available in Code 55 are somewhat different from Code 80.  Fortunately, in most cases, that resulted in a better, not worse design.  Here’s the overview shot:

Concept 4 Layout, Version 1 Overview

Concept 4 Layout, Version 1 Overview

Why change from Code 80 to Code 55 track?

Code 55 has a lower, more prototypical rail profile, closer spaced more prototypical ties, and, well, just looks better than Code 80.

For example, here’s a comparison of a Code 80 crossing (on the left) and a Code 55 crossing (on the right)

Atlas Code 80 vs. Code 55 Track

Code 80 (left) vs. Code 55 (right)

Code 55 is more expensive, however, so it’ll just take that much longer to build the layout.

The new version still has a few problems.  There’s a spot along the front edge in the upper right corner where the track is way too close to the edge.  I’ll need to either redirect the track or build a bulge into the benchwork at that point.  I also don’t like the alignment of the tanker tracks in the chemical plant.  I want them closer to the front and angled more around the corner.  The lone stub going into the plant is also a “TBD” item, but I’ll likely not be able to finish that until I start on the plant itself.  That track will be a “plant team track” used for bringing in supplies and large repair parts.  There’ll be a platform or something, but I don’t know where it will go yet.

I like the town layout right now.  The rear track section will be at a somewhat higher elevation (maybe 1 or 2 inches) than the front where the passenger station is.  This will give the impression that the town is on a hillside.

Anyway, that’s the new version.  The Layout Page has been updated with detail drawings and descriptions if you like.  I welcome your comments and critiques!


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