Posted by: bgtwindad | March 8, 2010

Concept Naming Conventions

So far, I’ve gone through three complete from-scratch redesigns of the layout.  Each redesign has gone through several versions before being scrapped for one reason or another.  To keep track of all this madness, I have been using a naming convention.

Each basic design is given a “Concept Number” to idenfity its basic design.  Within a given Concept, incremental improvements or variations are given a Version number, which may have a sub-letter for minor variants.  Here’s a brief history.

Concept 1 was the original design.  It was an extended “U” shape, with fairly wide shelves (18-24″ in most places).  This version had the yard on the right side and the town on the left, with a “scenic” area cross the narrower section behind the couch.  One of the key features of Concept 1 was the engine service area at ground level and the right-side return loop on an elevated trestle around the roundhouse.  It was a very nice layout, but operationally it simply did not work.  Concept 1 went through 9 versions and was essentially complete when I finally learned how to run virtual trains in XTrackCAD and figured out that it wasn’t going to work.

Concept 2 was an attempt to improve up on Concept 1.  It had the same benchwork design, but a rather mangled track design with a huge yard across the top above the couch.  I decided rather quickly (at version 1!) that the design was basically broken, and so that was that.

Concept 3 is essentially the current version.  I narrowed most of the benchwork to 12-15 inches, extended it to the fourth wall, moved the yard over to the computer wall, and put the town above the couch.  Concept 3 has gone through 7 major versions, with version 7 going through 7 minor revisions (7a-7g).

I recently started what I thought I might call Concept 4.  However, in retrospect, it’s really just version 8 of Concept 3, since it’s almost exactly like Concept 3 V7g, except it’s been done in Atlas Code 55 track instead of Code 80.

I’m thinking my versioning could use some revisions, though.  So, what I’m going to do is use something a bit closer to common convention for software versions.

I will retain the “Concept” number, since this differentiates what are effectively completely different, unrelated layouts.  However, I’m going to introduce a major / minor / tweak versioning, starting with Concept 3.

So, all of the old Concept 3 major versions (1-7) will now be minor versions of Version 1 (that is, V7 is now V1.7).  The letters will be changed to sub-version numbers.  The scheme will be like this:

  • Version 1 => 1.1.0
  • Version 2 => 1.2.0
  • Version 7a => 1.7.1
  • Version 7g => 1.7.7

Note that there is no 1.0.0, nor is there a 1.7.0.  This is intentional, and is meant to make the mapping back to old version numbers easier (because I’m not going to go rename the files they’re archived under.

The latest – Code 55 – layout, will be Concept 3 Version 2.0.0.  Subsequent revisions will be 2.1.0 and so on.

I hope this ends up being less confusing than the older scheme.


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