Posted by: bgtwindad | March 19, 2010

RJ Corman Delivering the Goods


Originally uploaded by BGTwinDad

I caught this shot while stopped for traffic in Lexington. A pair of RJ Corman engines (a GP38 and a GP16, I believe) bringing some hoppers and empty gondolas to local businesses.

I believe the hoppers were probably going to the GE light bulb plant, and the gondolas were most likely headed to the local metals recycling facility.

Had I been on the street a minute later, I would have been caught at the crossing and been able to take several good, close-up photos. As it was, I was already past the crossing and caught in traffic behind a light. I only had time to catch one quick shot before traffic started moving again.

This is my first “railfan” photo with actual rolling stock in it. Not bad for a quick snap with a Blackberry, eh?


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