Posted by: bgtwindad | March 20, 2010

More Trees

I took a second stab at making bamboo skewer trees.  This time, I used Woodland Scenics Coarse Turf instead of Fine Turf.  It’s a bit harder to work with, but the results are significantly more tree-like.  With the fine turf, I was able to pour some in a sifter and sift it onto the glue-covered polyfiber.  Nearly all of it stuck on the first try, and most of it stayed on the tree.

With the coarse turf, I couldn’t sift it.  I had to pinch small bits between my fingers and hand-press them into the polyfiber.  Lots of it would fall off initially, and I fixed this by spraying the turf with glue after pressing it on.  I think the results are pretty good…

Bamboo skewer tree made with coarse turf

Coarse Turf in Light Green

The second tree, I got in a rush applying the polyfiber to the stick, and it kindof fell apart on me.  I think it’s salvageable once the glue dries, though.

Bamboo skewer tree with dark green coarse turf

Coarse Turf in Dark Green

The glue is still wet on that one!

Here’s a shot of all four trees together.  I think the coarse turf looks better for a mature tree, but the fine turf would work very well for, say, a manicured bush.

All four trees together

All Four Trees Together


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