Posted by: bgtwindad | March 24, 2010

Oh what a difference a little detail makes!!!

A little scenery makes a big difference

Now that we’ve got the basic landscape done, and a stock of trees at hand, the kids and I were able to make significant progress on our tunnel project tonight. Here’s a shot of the tunnel as is. Still to do: plenty more trees and ground cover, adding more campers atop the cliff, and starting on the landscaping at the base of the hill.

We’re also trying to decide what to do with the back side of the hill, in order to make it an interesting photo op.

A few notes here.  First, you can tell that as foreground trees, the Woodland Scenics are far superior to my bamboo skewer trees.  That’s OK.  It’s exactly what I expected.  However, the new thing is that I now realize this scene has a lot more foreground than I thought it would.  I’ll go ahead and use the skewer trees for now, but I may “upgrade” them later.

Second, I don’t recommend using the “Great Stuff” in the blue can.  It cures to an open cell foam that is too squishy to firmly hold a tall tree.  I had to sink the pines below the bases of their trunks to get them to stay put.

The forest ground cover is actually crushed leaves from my front yard that I dried out and ground up as best I could.  I think it would look pretty good in HO or O scale, but it really needs to be ground a little finer for N scale.

I’ve found a good use for spare clump foliage from the Woodland Scenics kit.  It makes fine bushes and brambles alongside the rocks.

If you look closely at the cliff high on the hill, you’ll see a lone hiker enjoying the panoramic view of our kitchen.  He’ll soon be joined by two friends, and they will be setting up a campsite up there.

Here are a couple of additional pictures:

Closeup of hiker on the cliff above the tunnel

Closeup of hiker

Closeup of tunnel and cave

Closeup of tunnel and cave

Layout before landscaping project started

Where we came from


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