Posted by: bgtwindad | March 26, 2010

Tunnel Project Complete!

The tunnel project, long in the making on the Mini-Layout, is officially complete!

There are, of course, several minor touch-up items to address, such as fixing paint issues in the tunnel lining, adding some color washes to the painted-on rocks, and cleaning the rails on the tracks.

The easiest way to chronicle this is with some before & after pics.

So, here is as close to a “before” as I have, where I was test-fitting the portals and the tunnel lining:

Test-fit of tunnel portals and lining.

Test fit of tunnel portal and lining.

Here’s a photoshopped version of the above picture, showing the “vision” for the tunnel.  I even included the new paint scheme on the train…

Photoshopped vision of completed tunnel.

This is GIMP, not Photoshop!

And finally, here is the finished product.  I did my best to get the same camera angle and train position.

The finished tunnel.

The Finished Tunnel!

A long shot of the whole hill.

Long shot of complete hill.

The front side of the hill.

And one more:  the back side.

Back side of the hill

Back side tunnel porta.

Here’s a 100+ photo slideshow of the whole project.  And here’s a thread on chronicling the construction process.

The whole project has taken just over a month from conception to completion.  And the good news is that it’s finished just in time for the arrival of the Traveling Car!



  1. The difference between the before and after photos’ was really dramatic it’s amazing how much difference there is between the two.

    I for one think that your bamboo trees’ look great. I’m think somewhere along the same line.

    Although in my back and front yard I have two oak trees that I am thinking of using the small dead fall limbs to use for trees on my layout.

    I also like the idea of using leaf droppings ground up for ground clutter.

    I am also thinking of using that guy up in Ohio for Ballast he charges $5 dollars per 10lb bag plus shipping.

    I read about a guy who visited him, he works alone with his own rock crusher. I already called him he told me to send him a letter with a self addressed envelope so he could send me some samples. I think I am going to get the gray in I believe the #50 grade. It’s suppose to work great for N scale. Either way he will send me samples to take a look at. He goes out to quarries in Ohio and gets the stone then crushes it, packs and ships.

    Of course he does not turn on a dime but I’m not in any hurry. I won’t retire for about another 8 months anyway.

    Well I’ve gone on to long already hope your week went good and you enjoy your weekend.

    I’m taking tomorrow off so I will have 3 days off to myself. I work nights 2 till 10 PM. I have been on N scale and your site since I got home have to go bed sometime. But I have to fix my broken refrigerator I just might stay up all day. It kinda sucks not having a refrigerator in Florida.

    Take care, Pete

    • Thanks, Pete.

      IMHO, the loose tea works better in N scale than grinding up actual leaves. It’s much finer gound, there’s a variety of colors available, and you don’t have to pre-dry it to make sure all the little buggies are dead. Using twigs for tree trunks and deadfall is a good idea. Just make sure anything “live” like that you use spends some time in a nice, hot oven to make sure it’s OK to stay in the house. Otherwise, it won’t smell too good when it starts rotting…

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