Posted by: bgtwindad | March 28, 2010

NSN Traveling Car Visits the CH&FR

Dateline: Frost River, 3/27/2010

NSNX 2010 entering the Watash Creek Tunnel behind WM 761

NSNX 2010 entering the Watash Creek Tunnel behind WM 761

The CH&FR Railroad had an interesting visitor today.  A traveling boxcar, NSNX 2010, is making an international tour of the rails in support of its owner, the Model Railroading website.

Operated by the Danville & Rigby Junction under the NSNX reporting marks, this 50′ boxcar was placed into regular revenue service and released onto the rails as a combination advertising adventure and experiment to see just how far the car would travel.

To date, the car has visited locations in Maine, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Texas, Alabama, and now Kentucky.  A map of its travels is being maintained on Google Maps.  A number of railroads, largely short lines, have put in requests for the car to be routed on their rails, including overseas locations in New Zealand and Australia.

NSNX 2010 before repainting by the FRLW.

CH&FR officials confirmed reports that some vandals apparently “tagged” the car with graffiti somewhere between its last official stop in Alabama and CH&FR’s receipt of the car.  Company officials indicated that the Frost River Locomotive Works has volunteered to clean and repaint the car at no charge.

Officials report that the car will spend about a week in local service before being forward on toward its next official stop on the Dakotah Western Railroad in Northwest North Dakota.


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