Posted by: bgtwindad | April 12, 2010

Fun at the Museum!

N&W (BGRM) #675, an EMD GP-9

N&W (BGRM) #675, an EMD GP-9

I spent the day Saturday at the Bluegrass Railroad Museum in Versailles, KY, taking safety training for volunteers.  I don’t know how much I’ll get to volunteer this summer, but it certainly has been fun taking the training.

We started the morning with a slide show history of the museum, followed by some railroad industry safety videos.  One of the videos emphasized rather graphically how important it is to keep personal safety a top priority when working around the large, heavy equipment on a railroad.

After that, we broke for lunch and then worked on some of the paperwork required to run a train.  Track Warrants, the BGRM’s chosen method of train control, provide specific permission for each train to operate, including where, when, and under what conditions.  Checklists provide an easy means to make sure everything is in order, and inspection reports make sure all the pre-run safety checks are completed.

Finally, we practiced proper radio communications techniques and the connection and disconnection of brake hoses.

There was a test, and I passed with 100%!

Next weekend we will be taking the train for a run.  Each of us will get to practice all the different roles on the train to make sure we understand what everyone is supposed to be doing.  Trainman, Brakeman, Conductor, and – I hope! – Engineer.


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