Posted by: bgtwindad | May 13, 2010

A Friend’s Layout

Musicman's Layout Version 7

Middletown, Version 7

I’ve made a lot of new friends on the website.  Recently, my friend David – “Musicman” – began an ambitious small-scale layout project.  He’s a meticulous planner, but more of a “hands-on” sort of guy.  So he worked out the whole design 1:1 on paper on his benchwork.  As a favor, he asked me to convert his drawings and scenery ideas into a concept drawing that he could share online.  I was more than happy to oblige, and above you can see the result.

The layout is based on the fictional town of Middletown in Nova Scotia, Canada.  The town has passenger service via a single-unit RDC3, and freight service with short switching trains.  The centerpiece of the town is Acadia Square, a Victorian style multi-business square with underground parking.  Other interesting points include a railroad museum with a steamer parked outside, a tunnel under the residential area, and several custom built industries.

David found himself with a problem common to small layouts.  He needed a way to turn his locomotives, but no space to include a reverse loop, wye, or turntable.  He found the solution in some micro-layouts: a “sector table”.  This is a segment of track on a bridge that pivots on one end.  By connecting to either of two track segments leading up to the arc part of the table, a locomotive can be turned in the same fashion as a wye, but without the turnouts and long tail required of a wye.

Construction of Middletown is well underway, and is documented on David’s website.  Have a look, and follow his progress!!


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