Posted by: bgtwindad | August 2, 2010

CH&FR Announces Long Term Power Sharing Agreement with CSX Transportation

(Note:  In case you’re trolling for real CSX news and can’t tell, this is fiction…)

Dateline: August 2, 2010

The Chestnut Hill & Frost River Railroad announced today a long term lease and power sharing agreement with CSX Transportation, Inc.  Under the agreement, in addition to its own fully owned locomotives, the CH&FR will make use of surplus CSX locomotives under long term lease for certain power needs, and will also rely upon CSX to provide power for short-term spikes in operations on CH&FR lines.

In exchange, the CH&FR agreed to provide free trackage rights on the mainline between Chestnut Hill and Frost River, opening a new shortcut route for CSX through freights in that corridor and eliminating the delays and problems incurred with changing power for runs over CH&FR track.  CH&FR will also provide light maintenance on CSX equipment in the region at its Frost River Locomotive Works for a reduced fee.

In a gesture of goodwill with the CH&FR’s longstanding interest in railroad history and its association with the Chestnut Hill Historical Preservation Society, CSX has agreed to allow the CH&FR to repaint the long-term leased units in CSX heritage paint schemes, including those of the Chessie System, C&O, B&O, Western Maryland, Conrail and possibly even New York Central Railroads.

Railfans should expect to see the newly leased and repainted units on the rails in the coming months.  Rumor has it that the first such unit will be a  NW2 switcher in Chessie / C&O livery, to be stationed at the Glover’s Bend Yard.  The switcher is currently undergoing restoration to “like new” operational status.

CH&FR CEO James Frost was quoted: “We are excited about this landmark agreement with CSX, and consider it a win-win for all parties.  CSX gains access to an additional route through the coal fields that power our nation and a strategically placed light maintenance facility for their engines, and CH&FR gains access to much needed power without the overhead of owning extra locomotives.”

CHHPS Spokesperson Rachel Frost said, “The historical preservation aspects of this new agreement are groundbreaking.  We will be able to preserve and showcase some of the legendary locomotives and railroad liveries of our time, working hard on the rails where they were meant to be seen.”

CSX representatives were unavailable for immediate comment, but indicated that they are pleased with the agreement and are looking forward to working closely with the CH&FR.


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