Posted by: bgtwindad | August 21, 2010

Roadbed goes down!

Roadbed on the layout!


Originally uploaded by BGTwinDad

As you can see, this evening I was able to lay quite a bit of roadbed. The yard and engine service are complete, most of the staging is laid, and the lower mainline loop on the West (tunnel) end is in place.

I have a “divot” in the East end lower curve to fill before I can finish the roadbed there. The West end bridges and abutments are on the way, as are most of the electrical parts I need to complete the first stage of installation.

I will probably roadbed the mine branch, but will leave the town branch until I’m sure how the town is going to look. I’ll probably also leave the East end hill climb until I get the last set of bridges in a few weeks.

Next up is figuring out how the creek is going to run alongside the mine. I’ve got some serious cutting to do there, and I can’t go much farther in that area till it’s done.



  1. Hey TD I have 4 left hand & 4 right hand Atlas code 80 turnouts along with other Atlas straights, curves & a 90 degree. Your mailbox is full over at the other place. I will send them to you free mail if you want them.

    You know how to get in touch.

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