Posted by: bgtwindad | September 6, 2010

JMRI at Trackside!!

JMRI at Trackside!!

Originally uploaded by BGTwinDad

You can’t read the screen here, but what you are looking at is my “new” computer, with JMRI talking to WiThrottle on my iPhone. On a desk right next to my layout!!

The computer itself is a hand-me-down from my parents who just upgraded themselves.  I dropped in a new hard disk and picked up a display, and “Shazam!” my kids can stay off the Mac and I can run my trains!

I don’t have a DCC system yet, so I can’t actually DO anything much with it, but I was very surprised how easy it was to set this up. The online instructions were easy to follow, and the system just “came together”.

One interesting side note. I remember buying my first hard disk to install in a 386-SX PC when I was a teenager. IIRC, it cost $200 for 20 MB at the time, and that was considered a good price for a massive disk. Note that the price works out to $10 per megabyte.

The new disk in this recycled computer is a 500GB Seagate, and it set me back $50. That is about 1/100 of a PENNY per megabyte. About 5 orders of magnitude price difference in 25 years.

This was all so much fun that I may have to pause my layout construction (purchasing, at least) while I save up for the Digitrax Zephyr and decoders I was planning to get for Christmas…


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