Posted by: bgtwindad | October 4, 2010

Operations Begin at Glover’s Bend Yard

Dateline: October 2, 2010, Glover’s Bend, WV

Celebratory sodas were shared all around today as the first freight cars were moved about the newly operational CH&FR interchange yard at Glover’s Bend.  The small (by industry standards) three-track yard is situated just outside the town of Glover’s Bend, and will provide switching services for local turns, as well as “set-outs” for interchange traffic with CSX and Norfolk Southern.  During light operational times, the yard will also serve as a training ground for CH&FR crewmembers and yard masters, helping to keep their safety and operational skills sharp.

Aerial view of Glover's Bend Yard

Aerial view of Glover's Bend Yard

For now, the yard is known simply as Glover’s Bend Yard, but company officials indicate they are considering dedicating it in honor or memory to someone significant to the history and development of the region.

A source at CH&FR told reporters that crews at the yard expect to spend the next several weeks in “shakedown mode”, training employees, testing and improving the track work, and installing safety and operational equipment before the first revenue freights begin running.

In particular, the source reports, yard crews will be drilled through several variations on a switching puzzle known as “Inglenook Sidings“, which involves sorting random selections of cars into a randomly chosen train order, to sharpen the crew’s efficiency at sorting cars and making up trains.  Crews spent the day yesterday measuring and placing markers along the yard tracks to indicate the “out of bounds” areas for the puzzle, as well as marking safe clearance points on the tracks near the yard ladder switches.


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