Posted by: bgtwindad | November 10, 2010

CH&FR Expands Equipment Roster

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Dateline Glover’s Bend, November 10, 2010

When the CH&FR Railroad’s recent uptick in traffic left them short of rolling stock to serve their customers, they looked North. Far North. All the way to Canada.

The Rail Operations Department reported today that they acquired three “new” 40 foot standard boxcars from Canadian Pacific Railway (formerly CP Rail), and five new 90-ton coal hoppers from Canadian National Railway.

The hoppers will help with the increased demand for the ultra-low sulfur coal mined at the nearby Glover’s Bend Mine, and the 40-foot boxcars will allow the railroad to more efficiently package and carry the specialty electronics products being produced by TEC, Inc. for the automotive industry.

Along with the deal came a classic 8-window steel side cupola caboose from the CP. The caboose will be part of the CHHiPS Museum collection. Plans are in the works to repaint it in CH&FR colors, as a similar car was used years ago on the railroad.


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