Posted by: bgtwindad | November 27, 2010

New and Old (well, old and older)…



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Caught this picture while wandering around South Charleston, WV taking pictures … of trains, of course…

The foreground locomotive, #1172, is an EMD MP15AC. On the track to its right is the slightly newer MP15T #1233 (basically a turbocharged MP15AC). Both of these “yard goat” switchers live at the CSX South Charleston, WV Yard, sorting cars and serving the nearby chemical plants.

Tucked in behind #1172 is a relic of the past… C&O bay window Caboose #904124. These days, it is used as a “shoving platform” – basically a safety spacer car between the switcher and the cars that it is moving. This is particularly important when moving potentially dangerous chemical tank cars. FRA regulations require a safety car.

CSXT 1172 lived a former life for Seaboard Coast Lines as SCL 4202, as you can see in this picture from, and it was built in February 1978 as EMD serial # 777032-3.  Its partner #1233 – former Seaboard #1233 (also courtesy – is EMD serial # 857074-11, built a little later in 1985.

Here is a better photo of the caboose…

C&O Caboose #904124

And so we see here a relic of the past – a caboose – still serving a vital function alongside the much “newer” technology of the MP15 class Diesel switcher locomotive – a “new” technology that is nearly as old as the author.


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