Posted by: bgtwindad | January 24, 2011

Right place, right time, too slow with the camera.

Life has been keeping me from doing much “interesting” railroading or modeling lately, but that’s how the ebb and flow of the world goes.  I did see one interesting thing yesterday, though I was too slow with the iPhone and my camera batteries were warming in my pocket.  While walking through the parking lot at the mall, a southbound Norfolk Southern stack train rolled by.  Five units on the head.  The first three were standard NS black “catfish”, but the fourth unit was an SD60.  Specifically, CEFX#6003, which still carries its former SOO line paint scheme:

Photo of SD60 CEFX #6003

CEFX #6003, photo by Matt Petersen

This particular photo was taken in Minneapolis, MN in 2006 by Matt Peterson.

This is a fairly rare paint scheme, especially in these parts, so it would have been nice to “catch” it on the fly.  Maybe next time.

Oh, and the fifth engine… honestly I was too busy looking at #6003 to catch it, but it was light blue.  Quite possibly a (former) Conrail unit, though there are some leased units in a similar shade of blue.



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