Posted by: bgtwindad | February 22, 2011

Why so few posts?

If you’re following, you may have noticed that there aren’t very many posts here.  Well, frankly I realized something.  I tend to post a lot of ongoing progress information in threads on the various “boards” I am a member of… mostly, but others as well.  I tend to think of this as a place to showcase completed projects or discuss “events”, rather than blog about ongoing work.  I should probably change that, but what has kept me from it is not knowing how to maintain the “threaded” nature of such things.

Well, I’ll think about that.

In the meantime, I’ve added a few things over to the right that may help.  One is a widget that shows a few recent photos from my Flickr Photostream, and the other is a “project list” where I’ve listed several of the ongoing projects I have going and a brief blurb about the current status.

This latter should help in two ways.  First, it will provide at least some evidence that I’m actually doing something.  And second, it will help remind me how many balls I’m juggling at any given time – which is usually quite a few.

Aside from wastingspending a lot of time on the internet, I’ve got a few cars “in the shop” awaiting new couplers and/or trucks, or other repairs.  I’m doing some custom painting of some other rolling stock – including a “special project” I’m not at liberty to discuss yet.  I’m building a diorama to kickstart scenery work on my Glover’s Bend layout, and I’m wracking my brains trying to figure out how to handle the tunnel portals on the front-right corner of the layout.

I’m helping my daughter build her first layout, a HO scale shelf-based switching design, and I was building a rolling stock management database.  It got trashed when my layout computer was mangled due to operator error (my fault!), so it’s on hold.  And I’m still playing with the Parvia stuff.

On that score, I brought some of it to a Cub Scout meeting and let my 4th grade (Webelos) scouts have at it.  They only had about 15 minutes, but caught on very quickly and made some significant, creative progress.  I need to get parental permission before I can share, though.  They were very excited and heartily requested additional time to work on their models.

And, of course, all of these projects are gated by funding, which must be carefully budgeted to make sure nothing is starved…

SO, if you’re still here, and still following, thanks.  I’ll try to post a bit more often, and not be so worried about intermediate progress not being “worthy” of a blog post.



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