Posted by: bgtwindad | March 1, 2011

New Arrivals at Glover’s Bend

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Dateline Glover’s Bend, WV

The CH&FR Railroad, together with the Chestnut Hill Historical Preservation Society announced two new additions to their “living museum” collection: an Erie Lackawanna EMD F3A locomotive and a B&O/Chessie System bay-window caboose. Both were donated by an anonymous benefactor.

The locomotive, currently painted as Erie Lackawanna #6611, has a long history with the CH&FR. It was the first Diesel road locomotive purchased by the company all the way back in 1948. It served for several years in the Frost River area before being sold to the Erie Railroad. After a long service life and the eventual folding of Erie Lackawanna into the Conrail system, the engine was purchased by a collector in Ohio and carefully restored to operating condition.

The F3A, like many of the Historical Society properties, will be placed in revenue service on CH&FR lines, operating in the Glover’s Bend area on local freight runs and passenger excursions. Company and Museum officials are debating whether to keep the Erie Lackawanna paint scheme or to return it to its original CH&FR colors.

The F3 series are famous for being the locomotives that killed the steam engine in freight service, and remain among the highest-selling locomotives ever built by EMD.

The bay-window caboose is a prime example of its class, frequently used on the B&O and Chessie System during the mid 20th century. Due to some problems with the couplers and needed structural repairs, the car was dismounted from its trucks and brought into town on a flat car. Frost River Locomotive Works spokesman Earl Jacobs reports that the caboose will be ready for service in a few days.

In addition to the locomotive and caboose, the railroad acquired a 50-foot Berwick boxcar (built by Berwick Forge & Foundry of Berwick, PA) and a Pullman Standard PS2 2,893-cu.ft. covered hopper, the former in a C&O/Chessie blue scheme and the latter in a yellow B&O/Chessie scheme.


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