Posted by: bgtwindad | May 13, 2011

I added a fascia…

  by BGTwinDad
, a photo by BGTwinDad on Flickr.

Recently, in an effort to get something done on the layout, I started work on the fascia. I have the two long sides painted and one installed, and messed up cutting the first of the short sides.

I started with Model Master ATSF Blue and CSX Tan paints, and painted color-match swatches on a piece of hardboard, from which I got a quart each of household latex color matched at the local hardware store. After cutting the fascia pieces to length and priming them, I painted them tan and applied a 1″ painter’s tape where I wanted the stripe to be.

Mistake #1: I should have over-painted the tape with tan, to seal the edges and prevent bleed-under. Instead, I went straight to the blue, and the result is that my edges are not clean.  Mistake #2: I wasn’t careful what nap roller I used, so there is a bit more texture than I had originally planned.  Nevertheless, it looks OK, I think.

Still, in the philosophy that some progress is better than none, here we are. It really does look much nicer from across the room, which was goal #1. I will go back later and touch up the bloody areas.



  1. One option, if you haven’t already begun cleaning up the edges, is to use a pinstripe of black to separate the colors. You could mask it again and then use a rattle can of black, or you could use a ChartPak tape if it will adhere well enough to the fascia. Another option would be a straightedge and a Sharpie marker.

    • Thanks. Those are some pretty good ideas.

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