Posted by: bgtwindad | February 8, 2012

You can’t have too much rolling stock!

Well, I suppose when it overflows into the living space, or impinges on the food budget… but really…

I thought I would share a few of the latest additions to the rolling stock fleet, including a few units of particular interest.

First up is a coal hopper from the WP&P, a freelance railroad situated in central WV and owned by an friend of mine.

A coal hopper from the WP&P

Next up is… another coal hopper!  This one has wandered all the way from North Dakota, and is lettered for the Dakotah Western, another freelance railroad owned by another friend of mine.

A coal hopper from the Dakotah Western RR

These two “kittens” were a surprise gift from yet another friend, a particularly generous fellow who has supported the CH&FR on a number of occasions…

Two more kittens to add to the Chessie fleet

One more for today.  This car isn’t exactly new.  It’s been more than a year in the making.  It is a MicroTrains boxcar kit that my son and I designed, painted, built and added custom decals to.  I offered him the opportunity to have a counterpart to the “Bessie Car”, and he decided that the local video store was going to need a way to get their inventory.

A CH&FR Boxcar painted for GameStop

I should note that this sort of “billboard” boxcar is very rare to nonexistent in the 1:1 world, as it violates FRA regulations about advertising on freight cars, but in the world of Glover’s Bend, if it puts a smile on my kid’s face, it’s probably going to pass muster!


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