Posted by: bgtwindad | February 20, 2012

Thank goodness for “Find my iPhone”!!

Well, this is rather tangential to the usual topic of this blog – if not outright off-topic! – but I consider it relevant because (a) I use my iPhone a lot for capturing photos and video of my trains, and (b) replacing it would be a major setback to the train budget.  Besides, it’s my blog, eh?

Last night I went to the grocery, and as is my usual habit I had the grocery list in my Paperless app.  So I plopped the phone into the little “coupon basket” on the handle of my cart, shopped, checked out, and returned home.  A few hours later, I patted my pockets only to find them phone-less!  I quickly realized that I had left my iPhone on the cart in the parking lot!

Fortunately for me, Apple has made their iCloud “Find My iPhone” service free… I was able to log in to my iCloud site on my computer, locate my phone on a map (it actually showed that the phone was sitting in the “cart corral” at the store!), and LOCK IT remotely.

As soon as I could, I drove to the store, checked the cart corral, and retrieved my phone, much to my own relief.  I was rather impressed by how accurate the location on the map was.  At my home it usually shows the phone is somewhere in the back yard (off by ~50 feet or so), but at the store, it was almost dead on.

Find My iPhone is both an app that can be used from another iOS device, or through the iCloud website.  And it’s no surprise that there’s a comparable app for your Android device as well.


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