Posted by: bgtwindad | January 6, 2015

New Display Case

Progress has been quite slow, and I haven’t had much time to write.  I do have several “irons in the fire” that should bear fruit in the near future.  I am holding off on writing about them because I want to write complete articles.  In the meantime, here is a nice thing that I picked up for a song at our local NMRA club’s monthly meeting: a display case.

(hmm… Flickr has once again changed the html output of its share tool… hope this works!)

It’s a cleverly simple design, utilizing a pegboard and hangers to support the wood shelves. Not exactly a museum-quality backdrop, but it’s pretty well made for what it is, complete with the sliding plexiglass doors. I haven’t mounted it on the wall yet, but I have found a use for it.

I have a number of cars in the roster that don’t see much regular service, but which I don’t want packed away in boxes (and in one case won’t fit in a box!).  The case gives me a way to share those special cars and protect them too.

Top to bottom, you’ll see:

  • The Christmas Train cars, including my custom town christmas tree on a flat model
  • My MOW crane car, the flat car with load that was a gift from a friend, and the CH&FR Traveling Caboose
  • My special award tank car, my 10th anniversary hopper car, and three coal hoppers that were gifts or taken in trade from fellow freelancers
  • The two custom cars I made for my kids
  • My custom-painted CH&FR heavyweight passenger cars

There’s room for a few more special acquisitions or creations, so we will see what gets added.

Also, here are a few sneak-peek photos of projects in the shop:


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