Glover’s Bend

Somewhere between Chestnut Hill and Frost River, along the Tug Fork River, lies the sleepy town of Glover’s Bend, WV.

This is my current layout project.  I decided the Mini-Layout wasn’t big enough, and the round-the-room layout was too much to chew, so I went for a hollow-core-door (“HCD”) design.  There is a long thread on about how this design evolved.

Here is the layout drawing.

Glover's Bend Layout Drawing

Glover's Bend, WV, aerial view.

The layout is in roughly two halves, lengthwise, the Town side and the Mine side.

On the town side is, of course, the town of Glover’s Bend.  Across the front is a small 3-track yard with an engine service track and a yard lead.  The engine service track doubles as a programming track, and the first yard track is also the A/D track.  There are some compromises here due to space, but hey, the prototypes do that too.

Acrosss the center is the Town Branch, where most of the industries are located.  In addition to the town itself, there will be:

The Mine side of the layout is dominated by a bend in Watash Creek (more of a river here), near where it joins the Tug Fork river on its way to the Ohio.  A branch leads to the Frost Mining Co. Cane Run Mine #1 with a 2-track spur.  Along the edge of the layout is a 3-track staging yard.

There is a double-track main between the yard and the town.  The outer main goes down hill to a staging area on the opposite side (in gray, above).  More about this later.  The inner main climbs to a pair of bridges that cross over the Creek.

The staging is somewhat unique.  It is at the same elevation as the mine (actually, slightly higher!), but will be separated by a low wall and the whole staging area will be painted black (except the rails).  The effect  will (hopefully) be that of an orchestra pit, where the lack of interesting scenery will trick the eye into ignoring the trains that are in plain sight right in front of the viewer.

The river side of the town will have a “riverwalk”, with an overlook down to the river.  I’m still working out the details of the town design.


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