LaVere Mining Co. Cane Run Mine #1

The LaVere Mining Co. Cane Run Mine #1 is served by the CH&FR Glover’s Bend Division.  It is located near Cane Run, WV (real life Ragland, WV), and produces very low sulfur-content bituminous coal.  The mine loader, while still housed in a vintage building, is capable of custom crushing and loading a full train of cars with a custom-selected coal grade for each car, or of bulk-loading the entire train almost as quickly as a modern flood loader.

The vein tapped by the Cane Run mine is bituminous coal of a particularly low sulfur content.  This makes it especially suitable for scientific research, for metallurgical work, for gasification or liquification, and for meeting newer environmental regulations in power generation.  The available volume and cost, however, makes it more suitable for smaller self-generating plants such as at critical power centers for industries, than for general electric power generation.

The LaVere Mining Company, founded in 1843 by John Calvin LaVere, owns a number of mines throughout the Southern West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky region.


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