Glover’s Bend Freight & Transfer Co.

Glover’s Bend Freight & Transfer Co. is the primary general freight depot for the town of Glover’s Bend, and a transfer / transloading facility for a number of industries in the nearby region.  The company has been in business for generations, was the first railroad customer in the region, and is still operated by the great-grandson of its founder, Collis H. Jameson.

The company operates a pair of freight warehouse and transloading facilities on the edge of town, and also provides a team track operation near the Glover’s Bend Yard.  Additionally, GBF&T provides distribution warehouse services in a number of locations throughout the region.

A few of the several off-track industries served by GBF&T include:

  • North Fork Lumber Products, a supplier of hardwood dimensional and furniture grade lumber to the construction, furniture, and specialty woodworking industries
  • Smith’s Value Mart, a local chain of grocery and multi-mart stores, for which GBF&T contracts as a distribution center.
  • Joe’s Bar & Liquor Barn, a local chain of adult beverage establishments, for which GBF&T serves as a distribution center and a rail-based source of fine beverages.

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